Stakeholder Management Hero (Education Course)

Working in b2b and you don`t understand why your product does not succeed? Why you don`t help the business and product does not reach product goals? It is all about the stakeholders communication!


Join the course and become Stakeholders management hero who knows how:

  • identify business stakeholders right and make actionable plan
  • how to manage and talk to C-level
  • what is expectations management and why it is so crucial
  • how to align everyone around the topic even when they do fight against each other
  • how to work with product sales, marketing etc


We are launching a bundle of 7 modules (webinars-workshops) to cover almost everything you need to know about Customer Interview


⚡️ PRICE 100 USD for 7 modules | To purchase a ticket go here

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⚡️ September 30, Module 1 | How to identify and register stakeholders

Trainer Bohdan Kidyk, Product Manager at SSMT
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⚡️ October 07, Module 2 | Navigating the world of stakeholder inputs

Trainer Bohdan Kit, Product Manager at Ring (Amazon)
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⚡️ October 15, Module 3 | How to manage without authority

Trainer Myroslava Iavorska, Delivery Manager at N-iX
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⚡️ October 21, Module 4 | How can product managers interact with other teams to drive the best business results

Trainer Galina Ryzhenko, Head of Platform at ENSEK
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⚡️ October 28, Module 5 | Stakeholder map technique

Trainer Timo Wagenblatt, VP of Product Management at SAP
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⚡️ November 04, Module 6 | Conflict Management

Trainer Olena Zanichkovska, Founding Partner, Product Strategy & Marketing at The Gradient
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⚡️ November 11, Module 7 | What your internal stakeholders really want

Trainer Rich Mironov, Product Consultant, Product Management Guru, Co-founder at the Product Camp conference
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