Win/Loss Analysis

Customer Interview Hero ⚡️ Only 20 places

In Module 6 of our education course, we want to dive into the win/loss analysis. We will uncover one and only source of truth: whom to ask, what to ask, and what to do with the answers.

📍 During this half webinar/half workshop we will cover a little bit of crucial theory and jump straight to the practice. Be prepared for very focused and insightful 2 hours. In detail we will go through:

  • Why do we lose? What your prospects think about their journey with
  • How do you know the reasons you won or lost a deal
  • Do your Sales tell you the truth

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⚡️ Trainer Khrystyna Urbanovych, Product Manager at SoftServe
Khrystyna is a Pragmatic Marketing Certified Product Manager with 8 years of working on enterprise products and initiatives and 2 years working with Customer Journeys

Где и когда:

14.04.2021 18-00 Афиша Киева
Цена: 815
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