Value Proposition Canvas

Value Proposition Canvas Workshop is a 3-hour online training which will give you:

  • understanding of the tool and use cases to use
  • get practical experience of work with the tool
  • get the ideas for the product enhancements

📌 Trainer: Marishka Imshenetska, Product Manager at SoftServe For the past 3+ years as a Product Manager Maryna is responsible for the development of ecosystems integrations:

  • ideas & value proposition validation;
  • MVP, roadmaps;
  • team & stakeholders management;
  • market & competitive analysis;
  • end-users support, getting Voice of the Market


📌 Training consists of 3 hours of theory and practice. At the end of the workshop participants will receive: video recording, presentation, list of literature, and cases, a guideline on VPC, and how/when/where to use it


📌 This workshop will be the best for Product Managers, Business Analysts, UX Designers, and Project Managers


Location: ZOOM

Language: Ukrainian

Date: September 09, 06:00 PM — 09:00 PM


  • Early Bird — 29 USD
  • Bird — 39 USD
  • Late Bird — 49 USD

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